Skyplane is an actively developed project. It will have 🔪 SHARP EDGES 🔪. Please file an issue if you encounter bugs.

If you are interested in contributing, please see our contributor guide.

Skyplane 0.1.0 release (current)#

  • skyplane cp and skyplane sync CLI commands to move bulk (>10GB) of data point-to-point.

  • Support for intra-cloud (two regions in same cloud) and inter-cloud copies for AWS, GCP and Azure clouds.

  • Large object transfer support for AWS and GCP.

  • Compression to reduce egress costs.

  • End-to-end encryption and optional socket TLS encryption.

  • Firewalled VM-to-VM VPCs for AWS and GCP.

Skyplane 0.2.0 release#

  • Firewalled VM-to-VM VPCs for Azure.

  • Large object transfer support for Azure.

  • Integration testing suite in CI.


  • Improvements to the scalability of transfers with many files (>10000).

  • On-prem transfer support (design needed).

  • Broadcast support to multiple destinations.