SkyplaneClient([aws_config, azure_config, ...])

Client for initializing cloud provider configurations.

class skyplane.api.client.SkyplaneClient(aws_config=None, azure_config=None, gcp_config=None, ibmcloud_config=None, scp_config=None, transfer_config=None, log_dir=None)[source]#

Bases: object

Client for initializing cloud provider configurations.

  • aws_config (class AWSConfig (optional)) – aws cloud configurations

  • azure_config (class AzureConfig (optional)) – azure cloud configurations

  • gcp_config (class GCPConfig (optional)) – gcp cloud configurations

  • ibmcloud_config (class IBMCloudConfig (optional)) – ibm cloud configurations

  • transfer_config (class TransferConfig (optional)) – transfer configurations

  • log_dir (str (optional)) – path to store transfer logs

copy(src, dst, recursive=False)[source]#

A simple version of Skyplane copy. It automatically waits for transfer to complete (the main thread is blocked) and deprovisions VMs at the end.

  • src (str) – Source prefix to copy from

  • dst (str) – The destination of the transfer

  • recursive (bool) – If true, will copy objects at folder prefix recursively (default: False)

  • num_vms (int) – The maximum number of instances to use per region (default: 1)

pipeline(planning_algorithm='direct', max_instances=1, debug=False)[source]#

Create a pipeline object to queue jobs